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40% expense ratio Platform Fee – Fundsupermart doesn’t charge a sales charge on purchase, but they do have a platform fee of 0. The Hurdle Savings Accounts Hurdle accounts are accounts that pays you higher interests between 0. 2% for the Lion Global Money market fund, I have to deduct 0. I will not say they won’t lose money in the short term, but their job is to provide predictable short term savings. The Phillip fund have a higher expense ratio. The following table shows the level of interest you can earn, if you credit $4,900/mth in salary, spend at least $550/mth in credit card and one more service. Thus, the In MAXIGAIN, your interest rate is made up of 2 portions: 80% of a floating 1 month SIBOR rate 1 to 12 counters of 0. From the composition, you can see that to get better returns, these unit trusts have been pushing into short term notes that have very short maturity (CMT MTN, National Bank of Abu Dhabi). Citibank publishes a delayed version of the 1 month SIBOR. The returns you get will depend on how long you hold it for. These are unit trusts which primarily invests in short term instruments, fixed deposits and like instruments. This may be the reason why it is so popular.

Thus, what they are making you do is to keep your money in Citibank and don’t take it out. For my best articles on investing, growing money check out the resources section Related Quick access to creative assets that inspire great work. You can sell your money market fund units and receive your money  around 3 days time. Uninterrupted creativity Search and license Adobe Stock assets right inside your Creative Cloud apps. This is because the fixed deposit rates were higher then in the early to mid 2000s. 2% per year To me, this is something that I find it difficult to live with. The most important hurdles to earn high interest are: Salary credit $500 minimum spend on credit cards (do read the terms and conditions, not all transactions are counted) The trying to keep your expenses down best stock platform singapore. Given that you satisfied these hurdles, you will get to earn the above bonus interest. The able above shows if your earning, spending is as such Maybank and Bank of China (BOC) might be the highest interest deal. My criteria for short term savings account is still the same: Not to lose money Better than fixed deposit returns Easy to understand The current fixed deposit rates for 12 month duration varies from 0. 1% each, which gets accumulated over time #1 is the base interest best stock platform singapore. Fundsupermart also have a Cash Fund, which gives you some interest as well.

Although you get to kick start by contributing $1000, you do not have to maintain a minimum of $1000 in the account, which makes this a pretty good emergency fund sometimes. So this base interest will fluctuate month to month, depending on the 1 month SIBOR. It was around last time when I compiled the 2017 list.ZCoin.
. However, I rate this account higher than the rest below because short term interest rate is starting to get volatile. (this means the yield curve is like flattening) If you held this SSB issue for 10 years, each year you earn an annualized 2. If you hold on for one more year, the second year you earn 1. However, if you only can satisfied 2 hurdles, in this case a salary credit and spending 500 on the credit card, then DBS and BOC looks good. There is a maximum amount that the interest is applied on. Compare to one year ago in 2017, the 1 year yield to maturity is higher (its 1. .Factom.Status.

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